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At Forns Valls we believe that to be able to offer a quality service we need to make safety issues our highest priority, which is why we dedicate a significant part of our time and resources to providing ongoing training in occupational safety. Our staff are equipped with regulation safety clothing and use approved protective equipment appropriate to the work they are carrying out.

Forns Valls has undergone a successful legal safety audit in accordance with Chapter V of the law regulating the prevention of occupational risks (Royal Decree 9/1997) and its subsequent amendment (Royal Decree 604/2006).
All our vehicles and machinery are subject to periodic servicing and are all CE certified.

Our civil liability insurance policy covers any possible contingency that may arise as a result of incorrect procedure on our part during the time we carry out work on your premises. Our staff are also covered by workplace accident insurance, as per the agreement entered into with our mutual insurance company.

Our Health and Safety Department can prepare a tailor-made Health and Safety Plan based on the work that is planned.