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Installation of refractory and insulating linings in a range of industrial sectors.

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We conduct detailed studies to offer you the best solution to the problem.

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We carry out maintenance to ensure your facilities are operating at optimum performance.

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Services: A comprehensive, tailor-made service

Here at Forns Valls, we can cater to the requirements of each particular customer’s facilities. Our teams will look at each specific problem, draw up a technical proposal including a detailed estimate and carry out the necessary work.
Our objective is to ensure your facilities are operating at optimum performance.

In order to achieve that, our qualified technical staff identify and implement the most appropriate solution in each case, irrespective of whether a prevention/maintenance programme is required, or whether there is a need to repair components in a poor condition or replace an entire facility.

Working techniques and materials are developing all the time. We, too, at Forns Valls are constantly evolving, maintaining a close relationship with our suppliers and partners, attending presentations about new materials and taking part in training courses about the latest technical innovations in the industry.